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  • Chicago Sun-Times
    “…such a moving and funny show that it would, indeed, make Him laugh.”
  • Miami Examiner
    “Making God Laugh”, Florida’s premiere  at Actors’ Playhouse is a “Theatre Chat” must see comedy of the holiday season.  Even the critics were laughing!” 
  • Johnson County Gazette
    “I wanted to experience a play that had something to say about life, my life and make me laugh.  I got it all last Saturday night.”
  • Knight Arts-Akron
    “…funny, cleverly written, a wonderful mixture of laughable incidents that have serious undertones that ultimately get worked out and some gifted acting.”
  • Northwest Indiana Times
    “…wonderful and thoughtfully funny!”
  • Newsday
    “Grennan’s play is shot through with sentimentality, but also authentic truths about identity and belonging.”